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    Products display

    Product display

    Enterprise introduction

    Enterprise introduction

    ZheJiang Red Sun Machinery Co.,Ltd.

    ZheJiang Red Sun Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional company specialized in researching, developing manufacturing and selling gearboxes which was referred by machinery industry Ministry. It is the ISO9001 certification enterprises.

    The products combined more than 10 series gearboxes with thousands of specifications, which include R Rigid tooth flank helical gear units, S Helical-worm gear units, K Helical-bevel gear units,F Parallel shaft helical gear units, T Spiral bevel gear units, SWL, JW Worm screw jack H.B Rigid tooth flank gear units, P Planetary gear units, RV Worm reducer. These products are slowdown drive device that is commonly adopted in the field of current international industrial transmission.

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    0+86 577-63660008

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